Closed Top Cylindrical Tank

Frontier chemical storage tanks are made from Imported Hexene LLDPE* resin having High Density and Low Melt Flow, which makes these ideal to be used as Acid storage tanks, HCL storage tanks, Sulphuric acid storage tanks or Nitric acid storage tanks. The resin used has high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance). This property of the resin enables the chemical storage tank to have maximum possible life. The density and melt flow ensure that the tank has High Chemical Resistance due to closely packed molecules in the resin. Different manufacturers use different resins. Frontier is your ideal chemical tank manufacturer from India. We are acid storage tank supplier with over 25 years of experience.

Frontier Chemical tanks are available in different polymers like LDPE, PP, Cross Linked etc. We can also cater to high Temperature storage tanks. Your requirement will determine the kind of polymer to be used.

Frontier chemical storage tanks are made from imported LLDPE resin having high density and low melt flow

Open Top Cylindrical Tanks

High chemical resistance due to closely packed molecules in resin threaded lid

Open Top Cylindrical Tanks
       ModelCapacity (Ltr)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)
   FVW- 501500925940
   FVW- 80180010501040
   FVW- 1001100011201200
   FVW- 1501150013501320
   FVW- 2001200013501670
   FVW- 3001300015102030
   FVW- 5001500019552120
   FVW- 6001600019552340
   FVW- 7501750021002300
   FVW- 100011000026002125
   FVW- 10001-A*1000025202350
   FVW- 10001-B*1000020203450
   FVW- 15001*1500030602450
   FVW- 20001*2000035402450
   FVW- 25001*2500035402950

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