Conical Bottom Tanks

Frontier conical bottom chemical tanks are made from Imported Hexene LLDPE resin having High Density and Low Melt Flow, which makes these ideal to be used as Acid pickling tanks, HCL storage tanks, Sulphuric acid storage tanks or Nitric acid storage tanks. The resin used has high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance). This property of the resin enables the chemical storage tank to have maximum possible life. The density and melt flow ensure that the tank has High Chemical Resistance due to closely packed molecules in the resin. Different manufacturers use different resins. Frontier conical chemical tanks have proven their worth in the industry.

Frontier Chemical Storage tanks are available in different polymers like LDPE, PP, Cross Linked etc. We can also cater to high Temperature storage tanks. Your requirement will determine the kind of polymer to be used. Frontier is your ideal partner as a conical bottom chemical tank manufacturer with quality backing of its products. Frontier chemical storage conical bottom tanks are made keeping in mind not on the chemical to be used but also the weathering effect of climate in India. Our outdoor tanks have strong UV resistance built in and will work for years to come.

Heavy duty conical bottom tanks

White Conical Bottom Tank

Concal bottom tanks stored liquid is required in indoor or outdoor installations

White large Cone Bottom Tank

Metal structure / stand sold separately

White Conical Bottom Tank
ModelCapacity (Ltr)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)
FCB- 500*5009001000
FLC- 1000*100010701560


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