Open Top Cylindrical Tank

Frontier cylindrical open top container, also known as Coiler cans in the textile industry are one piece moulded and used in the dyeing and processing industry. Many denim manufacturing units will only insist on a Frontier Coiler can for their manufacturing.

These cylindrical open top containers are made from 100% high impact grade polyethylene (PP) or Cross link depending upon the customers requirement. and are virtually maintenance free. Also used in the electroplating, galvanising and powder coating industry.

Available in colour coding

Open Top Coiler Cans

Made from virgin grade high impact polymer

Frontier Open Top Cylindrical tanks

Non fading and UV stabilized colours

NItin Sig
   Model Capacity (Ltr) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
FCO-61 60 480 570
FCO-80 90 510 620
FCO-121 120 605 700
FCO-271 270 630 915
506 790 1060
FCO-1100 1075 1100 1160
FCO- 1100A 1800 1600 940
FCC- 5481 2600 1460 1800
FCC-6671 3275 1731 1525
FCC-7064 3960 1780 1620