Galvanizing Tank

Frontier Galvanizing tanks are a ONE PIECE MOULDED container with smooth internal walls. These plastic galvanizing tanks are CHEMICAL RESISTANT, LIGHT WEIGHT & MAINTENANCE  FREE.  Also available in UV stable grade of Polyethylene (PE) for outdoor use applications.

We provide our tanks in several polymers like C6 Hexane PE, HDPE, Cross Linked and even PP. We provide our Polypropylene (PP) containers without any welding in One Piece Moulding. So you never have to worry about leaks. Avaiable in different shapes and sizes of circular or rectangular, these tanks can also be welded to make them longer for the desired application.

Available in various sizes

Pickling tanks various sizes

Lighter in weight than the conventional aluminum containers and require no maintenance

Pickling Container

Moulded out of virgin grade superior polyethylene to 100 % seamless construction UV Stable use outdoor

ModelCapacity (Ltr)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
FRC- 141140560560770
FRC- 221216615615605
FRC- 4914861815615455
FRC- 481510910770770
FRC- 541533785785905
FRC- 6516251080790750
FRC- 731730915915915
FRC- 95194212151065750
FRC- 1201120015251060755
FRC- 1401139714801140850
FRC- 143114301828915915
FRC- 1451141018051050760
FRC- 1901186524001050760
FRC- 2501250032501050750
FDB- 6154525360315
FDB- 7160600400315
FDB- 9188600400365
FDB- 91 A80600400320
FDB- 251250820560585
FDB- 301285930630525
FDB- 4014001145760620

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