Doffing Baskets

Frontier Crates also termed as Doffing Baskets or textile crates are a ONE PIECE MOLDED container with smooth internal walls. These containers are CHEMICAL RESISTANT, LIGHT WEIGHT & MAINTENANCE FREE.  Also available in UV stable grade of Polyethylene (PE) for outdoor use applications.

An ideal solution to save costly floor area in any industry, Frontier crates are widely used in textile spinning, ring doubling, twisting, finishing & winding departments and various applications in food processing, light engineering & pharmaceutical industry.

Our containers can be provided in various polymers like C6 Hexane PE, HDPE, Cross Linked and even PP. We provide our Polypropylene (PP) containers without any welding in One Piece Moulding. So you never have to worry about leaks.

Made with a perfect design of rib reinforcement on the side walls

Industrial Doffing Baskets Containers

Easily Stackable and can be easily mounted on the dollies or trolley for the ease of movement


Available in a range of colors to suit the customer's requirement

Model Capacity (Ltr) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
FDB- 61 54 525 360 315
FDB- 71 60 600 400 315
FDB- 91 88 600 400 365
FDB- 91 A 80 600 400 320
FDB- 251 250 820 560 585
FDB- 301 285 930 630 525
FDB- 401 400 1145 760 620

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